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Lychgate Bereavement Support

Grief is our natural response to loss in our lives. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and people have different ways of doing so.

When someone dies, family and friends can find it difficult to cope with the tremendous grief they experience and can be unprepared for important decisions and arrangements that need to be made.

After the funeral is over, Lychgate Funerals offer free of charge, support and a sympathetic ear if people feel they need someone to talk to, someone to understand what they are going through. Whether it is just ‘being there’, or putting you in touch with other support networks, Lychgate’s funeral directors are here to help you.

We have access to the services of a qualified Grief Counsellor and there is no charge for the first two sessions if you require them.

A range of publications for all ages are also available to you. Reading about the grief process can often help to show that you are not alone and help is always close at hand.

These are just some of the many ways we at Lychgate Funerals demonstrate our understanding of the needs of families and friends going through the stress of bereavement.

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