Embalming is done to ensure the sanitation and preservation of the body during the funeral period.

Why embalm

If the funeral is delayed for some reason, if the deceased is to be taken home for a while or if the body has to be transferred to another city or country, embalming will be required. In most other circumstances there is a choice to be made about whether you wish to have your loved one embalmed. There are other types of care available, including eco-friendly and non-invasive alternatives. Our staff will happily discuss the options and answer any questions so you can have confidence in your decision.

When we embalm or prepare a deceased person our goal is to maintain their dignity while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of those around them. We aim to present your loved one as you remember them. A photo and/or input about the deceased’s style and personality is welcome.

We have experienced, qualified staff who will carry out the embalming process, and at all times the body of your loved one will be treated with the utmost respect and care.

What our embalmers do

Although they are called embalmers, our skilled team do lots of other work to care for the deceased, besides embalming. This includes:

  • Preparing caskets (eg attaching name plates, crucifixes or other religious symbols, and trimming the casket with a comfortable and attractive lining, pillow and quilt)
  • Washing and dressing the deceased
  • Shaving, applying makeup and setting hair
  • Removing jewellery if the family wants to have certain items returned to them
  • Arranging the deceased in their casket
  • If there is a viewing, ensuring the family and friends of the deceased have the most positive experience possible.

If there is something a little out of the ordinary that you would like for your loved one’s funeral, such as a banner stand or a casket trimmed in a favourite colour, chances are that our embalmers will be involved in making it happen.