Paying for your funeral in advance can spare your family worry about costs and give you peace of mind.

Prepaid funerals help protect your pension

Under current Government policy, prepaid funerals up to $10,000 are excluded from asset testing when assessing subsidy eligibility in long-term residential care for the elderly.

You can still change your arrangements

Your wishes are carefully documented when you preplan or prepay towards a funeral with Lychgate Funerals, and you receive a copy for your records. You are able to change any of these arrangements at a later date if you wish. If the funeral is to be in another town, we can arrange for your instructions to be transferred.

No health checks are needed

Your prepayment will be held safe for you in The Funeral Trust administered by The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand.

The Funeral Trust isn’t an insurance policy, so we won’t ask you to answer personal questions or to take any health checks.

What you can expect about prices

We can give you an estimate of the costs for the funeral you want, but this figure is not price fixed and is subject to inflation.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your funeral. We’ll help you record your wishes and estimate the cost of your funeral, so you can decide how much to prepay. Please note funeral estimates are not fixed and are subject to inflation.

Read about how to preplan and record your choices on our Preplanning page.