Whether you need to plan a funeral now or are thinking about the future, Lychgate Funerals can help. Planning ahead provides peace of mind for you and your whānau.

Writing down your choices is important

If your friends and family know what your preferences are, that saves them from feeling the pressure of having to decide for you when the time comes. There are some big questions, like whether you wish to donate organs or be repatriated to another area or country for burial, which will be easier for your loved ones to arrange for you if you have given clear instructions. There is also some information that is required for the registration of a death but which your friends and family might not know, like your mother’s maiden name and your age when you first got married.

Whether you lodge your choices with us or take a funeral pack to fill in yourself and keep at home, you need to make sure that your family and close friends know about it. It is a good idea to keep a copy with your will.

Come and talk to us

Call (04) 385 0745 to make an appointment to talk about preplanning your funeral. This can be an informal chat to give you some ideas to think over, or can be a “pre-arrangement” where your decisions and plans are recorded and kept on our files. Read about how to pre-pay your funeral.

More resources

You can download pdfs of our guides and our "Funerals with Lychgate" booklet from our Resources page, or contact us if you would like hard copies post to you.

Get more help and information about your funeral journey on our Resources page.