Lychgate Funerals have developed a range of brochures and guides that you can use:

1. Funerals with Lychgate

An overview of all the options available to you as well as all information you may need to plan a funeral with Lychgate Funerals.

2. Recording your Choices Form

The first part of this form, My Personal Details, enables you to record personal information required by the Registrar-General of Births, Death and Marriages. The second part, My Funeral Details, helps you to record your preferences for the funeral arrangements.

3. Caskets List

A selection of caskets available at Lychgate Funerals.

4. Ash Urns List

A selection of ash urns available at Lychgate Funerals.

5. Personalising the funeral service

This leaflet provides lots of ideas for the aspects of a funeral service that can be personalised, some of which you might not have realised can be adapted to suit your personality.

6. A guide to composing a newspaper notice

Review the traditional information included in a newspaper notice, read some samples and see what type of notice might work for you.

7. Viewing

If you or your family aren’t sure whether viewing the body is a good idea, this leaflet can provide information that can guide your conversations and help you all make an informed choice.

8. Bereavement support

Everybody grieves differently. We can help you in your journey.

9. Interment and graveside services

This leaflet outlines how a burial is done, the locations available and other aspects to bear in mind such as out of district fees and unveiling services.

10. Memorials

There are lots of possibilities for headstones and other memorial markers. This leaflet shows examples of styles, materials and price ranges.

Compassionate airfares

Air New Zealand offers compassionate airfares to immediate family members living out of town and needing to travel to another centre to attend the funeral service. This means a reduction on full or higher priced fares, but does not apply to some of the lower priced fares that are already below the compassionate airfare level.

Most commonly, the traveller will apply for a refund after travelling. Phone the Air New Zealand refunds team on 0800 733 8637 with your booking or ticket reference number. They will advise what refund is possible.

If a partial refund is due, you then fill in the form provided by your funeral director or by Air New Zealand and email it to Air New Zealand for processing. Your funeral director will then, at your request, send Air NZ the necessary form verifying the death.