When someone you
love dies

When a loved one dies there are a lot of decisions to be made and legal requirements to be met. Lychgate Funerals can help you through this and make the funeral arrangements stress-free.

What happens next?

When somebody dies, a doctor needs to complete a “Medical Certificate of Cause of Death” to officially verify that a death has occurred.

If your loved one has died in hospital or at a rest home, the staff will organise the doctor’s paperwork. You will then need to make contact with the funeral home of your choice.

If someone passes away at home, or anywhere that isn't a medical facility, you should:
  • Contact the deceased's doctor (eg their GP or palliative care team) and ask them to come and certify the death
  • Contact a funeral director so that the arrangements can begin. The funeral director will organise the transfer of the body.
  • Notify family and friends and any palliative care teams who have been involved with the deceased.

If the death was due to an accident or was unexpected then the police and coroner will need to take the deceased into their care. It's hard to estimate how long this process will take, but the Coroner's Office should stay in touch with the family throughout the process. Once the coroner releases the body they will notify the next of kin, and at that point you can contact the funeral home you want to engage.

Tikanga Māori

We know that it is important for whānau to stay close to their tūpāpaku (deceased person) and we will do everything we can to enable this. There are times when it isn’t possible to have whānau nearby, due to health and safety or other legal requirements, but we will always try to find a compromise and will return the tūpāpaku to their whānau as soon as possible.

Other religious and cultural needs

Lychgate Funerals can provide for all cultural and religious requirements, including Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Chinese and Hindu practices. With all funerals we make sure to discuss expectations at our initial arrangement meeting, so you can rest assured that we understand and are prepared to deliver the services you need. If you are wondering whether Lychgate can provide appropriate services for your loved one, please call us on (04) 385 0745.